Most hate crime victims are young, poor, and white

WASHINGTON – The most likely victim of a hate crime in the U.S. is a poor, young, white, single urban dweller, according to an analysis of Justice Department statistics collected from between July 2000 and December 2003.

A November report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics detailing a study of 210,000 "hate crimes" a year during that period has gone virtually unreported by the U.S. press.

But it does contain some surprising numbers. While race is, by far, the No. 1 factor cited as the reason for hate crimes, blacks are slightly less likely to be victims and far more likely to be perpetrators, the statistics show...


What some call racism, others call the ability to learn from experience.

Exactly, Mr. Walters. I have always held my purse over my left shoulder, with my left hand holding the straps at the end, next to the purse itself. One day I left my office in DC holding my purse the same way I've held it since I was about 11 years old (I was in my mid 50's then.). A black man walked past me and said, "I'm not after your purse, White Bitch!"

Who was the racist, me or him?

Perfect example of this is a recent incident in Herndon, Va. The local leader of the Minuteman was the victim of spray painting on his sidewalk in front of his house. The first thing the local media did (including the Washington ComPost) was to advise that this was not a hate crime. But you can bet your sweet A__ that if one of the Minutement spray painted something in front of an Hispanic house we would have the ACLU, CASA, La Raza and all the other open border crowd screaming Racisim.

"There is a lot of difference between killing someone by mistake and killing the person on purpose." Posted by: dchamil

Correct. The first is involutary manslaughter and the second is first or second degree murder. The punishment for the first is dramatically less than for the second. The law takes intent into account and always has (at least in modern times). Knowing what you are doing and intending to do it is enough. You don't have to be intending to do it because you hate gays, women, blacks, whites, etc.

D. Flinchum and eh: Yes, hate crimes ought to be taken off the books (equal protection of the laws). However, sometimes it is relevant to consider the state of mind of the perpetrator. There is a lot of difference between killing someone by mistake and killing the person on purpose.

Don't tell this to Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton... they'll hold a boycott to cut of funding to anyone the believes the report.

""All hate crime laws ought to be taken off the books." Posted by eh
These laws seemed to have sneaked in under the cover of darkness. Certainly there was nothing like a groundswell of popular support for this nonsense.But barring armed overthrow of the government I see little chance of doing away with them.

"All hate crime laws ought to be taken off the books." Posted by eh.

Absolutely! What you are thinking as you commit a crime is irrelevant! If I run up $10,000 on my Visa card and don't pay it, then it doesn't matter whether I thought "God, I hate Visa and all it stands for" or not. I'm at fault for the act of not paying my debts and hating Visa isn't in the mix. Hate crimes amount to punishing people for their thoughts, not their deeds, which is vile.

The report probably grossly overstates the number of white perps in "hate crimes" due to FBI statisical reporting methods.
...fraudulently promotes an image of ordinary European Americans as hate criminals by dishonestly manipulating hate crime statistics. FBI's dishonest statistical collection and reporting program results in outcomes like these two examples:

If a Mexican American attacks a Jewish American with hate, the victim is counted in the Jewish victim category, because Jews are recognized as a victim group. However, Hispanics or Latinos are not recognized as a group whose members commit hate crimes, so their hate crimes are counted in the White perpetrator category, thus pumping up the White perpetrator category numbers.

If a Jewish American attacks a Mexican American with hate, the victim is counted in the Hispanic victim category, because Hispanics are recognized as a victim group. However, Jewish Americans are not recognized as a group whose members commit hate crimes, so their hate crimes are counted in the White perpetrator category, thus pumping up the White perpetrator category numbers.

Now that Arab Americans are becoming more prominent, it is important to note that the same principle applies -- when they commit a hate crime, they are White, but when they are a victim, they are Arab Americans.

What a statistical system. Maybe European Americans aren't the dominant group in America, after all. Somehow a malicious market dominant minority group must be in charge of these matters.

Another example of how FBI statistical manipulation works is to be found in Los Angeles County hate crime records for 1997. There were two murders and seven attempted murders that were considered hate crimes in that calendar year. All nine of the perpetrators were Latino (or Hispanic), so FBI recorded those nine perpetrators in the White perpetrator category. Remember that FBI refuses to admit that Latinos (or Hispanics) can be perpetrators of hate crimes for statistical purposes. This added nine very serious hate crimes to the White perpetrator category statistics for 1997.

These and other conscious manipulations of hate crime statistics by FBI dishonestly boost the hate crimes listed under the White perpetrator category to a very considerable degree, but even the FBI's corrupt statistical system still cannot show that the total share of White perpetrators in FBI statistics equals the population share of European Americans. Even with all the add-ons, European Americans still perform a smaller share of hate crimes than their population share.
For the serious student of FBI hate crime statistical manipulation, a lengthy article that appeared in the 2/13/98 San Francisco Chronicle in the business section is recommended. The article discussed the conviction of Richard Machado, immigrant from El Salvador and one-time UC college student, for sending threatening email messages to fifty-nine Asian American students at UC in Irvine in 1996.

ADL, ACLU, and FBI spokespersons were prominently quoted in the article, but maintained a provocative silence about how these fifty-nine hate crimes would be counted. They maliciously neglected to explain that the fifty-nine hate crimes by a Latino (or Hispanic) immigrant were assigned to the White perpetrator category, thus dishonestly pumping up the numbers in the White perpetrator category by fifty-nine hate crimes in 1996

"Hate Crimes" legislation is inherently Orwellian. Why? becuause it inquiries s into thought processes of the perpetrator.
Such items as the literature found in a suspect's home can be used as evidence in court. Or tatoos in the case of illiterates.

You'll notice that "latinopundit" was surprised by this report. That is because only those "hate crimes" that fit the ant-white, multicultist, Cultural Marxist agenda of the MSM get any coverage.It would be great do get rid of "hate crimes", but they are just as much a part of the Permanent Regime as "affirmative action" and open borders. The nature of the regime is the same whether a Bush or a Clinton is in power.

"a surprise"

Why? Hate crime laws were always political in nature, and not justified by any real demonstrated empirical need -- the impetus for them was most often high-profile (and usually heinous) cases, e.g. the Texas dragging death, or the Matthew Shepard murder. No epidemic of 'hate' justifying creating separate victim classes ever existed.

Agree, eh, unless all americans are included in an EEOC "protected group" then hate crimes legislation is discriminatory. When (if?) all Americans are in a "protected group" then we won't need hate crimes because all citizens will be equal under the law and have equal protection under the law.

Well that's a flip and a surprise.

All hate crime laws ought to be taken off the books.