Sen. Pete Domenici's massive amnesty scheme

This would be funny if it weren't so sad that we have people like this in charge:
In preparation for a debate in the Senate next month on immigration policy, Senator Pete Domenici (R-New Mexico) has introduced legislation that would grant amnesty to an estimated 12 million people now living illegally in the U.S. and admit an additional 500,000 new guest workers plus dependant family members every year. Under the Domenici legislation, known as the Welcoming Immigrants to a Secure Homeland (WISH) of 2006 bill, all of the "guest workers" would eventually be allowed to become permanent residents.

In addition to creating a new guest worker visa, the WISH Act would vastly expand existing guest worker programs. Under the Domenici bill, limits on H-1B high tech workers would be virtually eliminated, and foreign student visas would be almost automatically convertible to permanent residency.

"There is virtually no American job, educational opportunity, or community that would not be undermined by this disastrous piece of legislation," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Under the WISH Act, millions of illegal aliens would be rewarded with amnesty, and business interests would be granted access to unlimited numbers of guest workers who will never have to leave. For ordinary Americans, the legislation holds the promise of downwardly spiraling wages, massive population growth and the collapse of vital social institutions...


I had an unpleasant nap today as it included a nightmare. I dreamt that secret agents snuck into the White house and exchanged the heroic President Bush of 9/11 and the 2002 state of the Union Speech for a clone. The clone was sent from Mexico and is under the direct mind control of Vicente Fox who ordered him to work with his senior agents McCain, Kennedy, and Domenici to conquer the US through massive illegal immigration and mass amnesty. Then the dream turned bizarre. I dreamt that Osama bin Laden made a deal with Vicente Fox to force the President to let al Qaeda take over the major ports in America.

I awoke in a sweat and sick to my stomach. Then I turned on Fox News to see that indeed President Bush had made a deal with Dubai to control our major ports. I dashed to the bathroom just in time to throw up. Then after cleaning up I staggered back, turned off the TV and checked the Internet blogs. Whamo! There was a proposal by Sen. Domenici to let millions of legal immigrants into the US each year and to give them citizenship. Through teary eyes I read on. He also promised amnesty and citizenship to 12 million illegal aliens. Stunned, I thought about a new America beyond the rule of law, where anyone protected by Vicente Fox, Osama bin Laden, and the NYT could come to America and do or take anything they wanted. My musings spiraled to numbness as I heard Hillary and Chucky sound patriotic and reasonable. The world was turned upside down and it was a bleak new world. Goodnight my friends.