David Moats of Rutland Herald: idiot or corrupt?

David Moats is the editorial page editor of Vermont's Rutland Herald, and could I trouble you to ask him whether he's an idiot or whether he's just corrupt? His email address is david.moats *at* rutlandherald.com, and back on February 4 he or a proxy offered an unsigned editorial called "Bienvenidos":
Quietly, the Douglas administration has been taking steps to help the growing population of illegal immigrants who in recent years have become an essential part of the dairy industry in Vermont... Vermont farmers are adamant about the importance of Mexican workers to the state's farm economy. Without immigrant workers, the farmers would face a dire labor shortage. It's no wonder that officials in the state Agriculture Agency are more interested in making the workers feel at home than in sending them away...
Thankfully, someone responded with "The high cost of illegal labor", which is quite good:
David Moats' "Bienvenidos" editorial endorsed violating our immigration and labor laws, supported the cheap labor lobby, and called our border with Mexico "a geopolitical abstraction."

...The illegal Mexicans are paid $7 to $8 an hour but the living wage for a single person is at least $10.50, and many of the Mexicans have their families here – illegally, of course. Who pays the difference between what they earn and what they need to survive? We all do...

...If it's ethically OK to violate our immigration and labor laws, is it also ethically OK to violate any other laws we find inconvenient? If it's alright for Vermont farmers to hire cheap, exploitable illegals from Mexico, is it also acceptable for any American employer to hire illegals from any country? There are about 4 billion people in over 80 countries with a lower per capita income than Mexico. Should the illegal Mexicans be replaced with Chinese if they will work cheaper? If we abolish Moats' "geopolitical abstraction" that we call our border, is it possible that some terrorists might be included in the human tsunami that would overwhelm us? As Robert Frost said, "Good fences make good neighbors..."
There's more! But, once again, please send an email to david.moats *at* rutlandherald.com and ask him: "are you an idiot, or are you just corrupt?"


Any support for illegal immigration or amnesty is in opposition to the rule of law in America.

We experienced this before when many Americans and their elected officials looked the other way on Prohibition. The result--the rise of organized crime, the mafia, and the untold misery, deaths, and trillions of dollars that organized crime has caused us.

Just think what continued disrespect for the rule of law in America will cost us. Untold trillions of dollars? The fall of democracy in America? Wasted lives and suffering millions?

Robert Frost wrote his widely-quoted poem in opposition to walls, as a careful reading will show. I just found this out recently, to my surprise, since I too have quoted the good-fences-make-good-neighbors sentiment with approval.
And thanks to "Hotmail Sucks" for the heads-up.

[send an email...and ask him: "are you an idiot, or are you just corrupt?"]

Well, maybe not in so many words...

Actually, you, dear reader, may want to be careful about that -- a free email account (from a major offerer of same) of mine was recently closed without notice (a personal loss) because, as was oh so briefly but politely explained, I violated their terms of use, but for reasons of 'confidentiality' and 'security' they would say no more about it. What really happened is that in this crazy, take no chances insanely politically correct world, someone must've complained about a not entirely polite email I sent them, which was believe me a lot milder than this suggested question.

So you may want to think about that, or make appropriate arrangements, e.g. record your contacts etc, before asking such a question...