Illegal aliens march, demand same rights as citizens. A good thing?

Is it a good thing to have illegal aliens agitating for extra rights inside your country? Isn't that a dangerous situation?

Here are three recent examples: "Hundreds gather in opposition to federal immigration legislation" by Ted Roelofs of the Grand Rapids Press. It's PIIPPish, and it includes this quote from an illegal alien: "We ask the same rights as every citizen".

"Immigrant groups rally in Miami against proposed law"

And, lastly this:
Thousands marched in northeast Las Vegas today for Immigration Reform. The marchers claim immigrants are treated unfairly and they want equality.

There have been three events like this in the past 12 months. But today's was the largest with nearly three-thousand participants. Immigration leaders came from Arizona and California.

...The marchers chanted in defiance of current U.S. immigration law and demonstrated their freedom in America.

Marchers were eager to get out what they believe, Hispanics aren't treated equally in Las Vegas.

"There are a lot of people that raise their families, pay their taxes, these people deserve to be legal in America," said Miguel Barrientos, the March Organizer.

The march was put together by the group United Families for Earned Immigration. They are asking for support of the federal McCain-Kennedy Immigration bill being debated in Congress. It would provide a formal path for the nation's illegal immigrants to become citizens.
Should we give those illegal aliens what they want? Of course not. Even more illegal aliens will come here and they'll demand the same things. And, they'll have a precedent. We can't just allow people to move here illegally and then give them benefits - including even voting rights - because they managed to evade our laws and because our politicians are corrupt.



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