Does Fabian Nunez represent the U.S. or Mexico?

On Saturday, a group of pro-illegal immigration activists held a confab in Riverside. As previously discussed, it was organized by UCR professor Armando Navarro, and those speaking included California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (via a taped message) and a senator from a Mexican state. From the Lou Dobbs transcript:
DOBBS: Tonight, this nation's open border movement has found itself some new friends. These border security opponents joined forces this weekend with their Mexican government counterparts at a rally in California. They even won the support of a high-ranking Mexican government official who decided to make the trip across the border.

...CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Latino groups from both sides of the U.S. Mexico border held a summit to demonstrate opposition to the Sensenbrenner security border security legislation. Organizer Armando Navarro began by quoting Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, prediction a socialist revolution stretching from the tip of South America to northern Canada.

Then came a procession of open borders activists, including the Brown Berets and MEChA, the radical Latino college group that advocates returning the American Southwest to Mexico. "We are a community without borders," says this Chicago activist.

There were signs proclaiming North America a stolen continent and saying all of those of European descent here are the real illegal aliens.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is not their land. This is not their continent. This is our continent.

WIAN: Even the conference program said it was being held in Riverside California, Aztlan, the name given to the American Southwest by those who claim it rightfully belongs to Mexico. So it was no surprise that Mexican state senator Raymundo Cardenas attended to demonstrate Mexico's opposition to the Sensenbrenner bill...

...FABIEN NUNEZ, CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY SPEAKER: I'm honored to fight against the Sensenbrenner approach to immigration policy. This legislation is a flashback to those failed polarizing policies of the past...
The video of this segment is in this WMV file. Can there be any doubt which side Fabian Nunez is on? Until such time as the Democratic Party disassociates themselves with him, shouldn't we assume that they share his views?


Goto this article and you will see that goal is the elimination of the USA as a sovereign country. Bush will propose the next link, the FTAA treaty which will signal the end of our country.

"Sensenbrenner approach to immigration policy"

That would be...what? Enforcing the law?

"Does Fabian Nunez..."

He's Hispanic, most illegals in CA are too, so connect those two dots. Do you think he would behave differently if most illegals were from, say, Costa Rica?

This is truly unbelievable. Insurrection in our own country while the Administration and top Republicans ignore it.

I have been doing research on the topic for over a year. No credible answers yet. Does anyone know, and have evidence to back it up, why President Bush sticks to his open borders/mass amnesty policies even after 9/11? He must have very compelling reasons, I just can't find them.

Help someone!