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VA Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr. wants to take discounted college tuition from U.S. citizens

RICHMOND, Feb. 9 -- A senator who wanted to prevent all illegal immigrants in Virginia from getting the residents' tuition break at state universities changed his mind and on Thursday proposed the first legal avenue for some to pay the reduced fee.

Swayed by immigrant advocates and his own experiences, Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr. (R-Augusta) amended his bill to offer the lower, in-state tuition to undocumented students who are pursuing legal residency, who graduated from a Virginia high school and whose families have paid income taxes for at least three years.

"It's not like they just showed up today," he said of such students. "They've been in the school systems, and they've been good role models. They just lack appropriate documentation. This can be an incentive to help them."
Once again: every discounted college education given to an illegal alien is one less given to a U.S. citizen. Was Hanger able to figure that out? Or, did he figure it out and he didn't care? Either way, perhaps he should seek other work.

Immigration · Fri, 02/10/2006 - 02:47 · Importance: 1

Sun, 02/12/2006 - 04:49
D Flinchum

Needless to say, if VA does find itself suddenly having to charge out-of-state students the same tuition as in-state students, it will have to raise tuition across the board - again - for ALL students. Parents who have paid VA taxes for decades will suddenly see a big leap in the cost of their children's college education and their "discount" for having supported VA's higher ed system all those years via their taxes goes poof!

Sat, 02/11/2006 - 20:43

All of these stupid politicians seem to be more interested in catering to illegal aliens than they are in helping regular American citizens. Have all the politicians forgotten that they are there to serve the American people and not Mexico?

Sat, 02/11/2006 - 08:27
lowell leach

ludicrus.... hanger is an idiot a traitor to america. he is the reason young american girls are raped by illegal immigrants.his own kid married an illegal imm. so they could become an amer. citz. he should be held for high treason...a snake in the grass waiting to get into office to rob american taxpayers of their tax dollars to educate someone who legally shouldnt even be in our country...ask the people of your district if they want their tax dollars spent on such bull#&^^.

Sat, 02/11/2006 - 06:27
D Flinchum

It still violates federal law for a state to offer in-state tuition to illegal immigrants and not to US citizens from other states. At Virginia Tech alone (around 28,000 students)there are thousands of out-of-state students paying big bucks for the privilege of attending VT. If Sen. Hanger's bill passes, every mother's child among 'em is also entitled to in-state tuition. And some of them will be eager to claim it. The rest will quickly follow because it represents a savings of thousands of dollars a year.

Fri, 02/10/2006 - 16:09

Senator Hanger said: It's not like they just showed up today," he said of such students. "They've been in the school systems, and they've been good role models. They just lack appropriate documentation. This can be an incentive to help them."

-First, does commiting a crime for a longer period make it better?
-Can any habitual criminal serve as a good "role model"?
-They are illegal aliens not just lacking in documentation. What a joke and what a load of nonsense newspeak. Love is hate, peace is war, crime is good--1984 has arrived in VA.

I suppose a rapist is an undocumented spouse?
A murder is an undocumented executioner?
A thief is an undocumented consumer? (of your property!)
A terrorist is an undocumented demolition expert?
A lawyer is an undocumented gentleman?
Where do you draw the line Sen. Hanger?
How can millions of people breaking the law every day help America and its tradition of the rule of law?

Fri, 02/10/2006 - 05:09

Pumped by, err published in, the WaPo -- what a surprise. Although to give credit the article does offer the opposing view.

"pursuing legal residency"

Yep, that makes it all better: enter illegally, get away with it long enough, then promise to 'pursue legal residency' (how does that work?), and you're all set. Self-service immigration.