"Cardinal Mahoney initiates immigrant rights campaign"

And what better place to read the news than at this most appropriate site?
Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who heads the Los Angeles archdiocese, attacked House Resolution 4437 as "a new attack on immigrants [and] a very malicious bill that imposes restrictions and penalties on immigrants [and also] those who offer them any kind of assistance."

...The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops is participating in the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which includes hundred of labor, civil rights, faith, community and business groups, that has opposes HR 4437 and supports legislation that would provide legalization of undocumented workers. In May of 2005 the bishops established an official campaign, Justice for Immigrants, to educate and mobilize its constituencies and the general public regarding the rights of immigrants’ rights and legislative reform.
Those two organizations are at:

All of those groups would seem to be far-left, and at least one of them (CHIRLA) is alleged to have links to the Mexican government. The good Cardinal is in good company.


Jose Alemar

April 9, 2006
Compatriotas Hispanos/Latinos y Otras razas
Este es el gran momento que toda la raza hispana ha estado esperando. Por largo tiempo la populaci

March 2, 2006
To: Honorable Senator Ken Salazar
E-mail Copy to Other:
Dear Sir or Madam:
The way I see, illegal immigration will be difficult to deal with, instead, I believe that the best way is to have some control and at the same time cover some of the cost is to impose to all employers that employ illegal immigrants to collect a straight tax for both state and federal. The straight tax would include the total of Social Security and Medicare plus health care. I suggest $0.17 (seventeen cents on every dollar; (equal to less or more to $41,000,000,000.00 Billions) The employer does not have to pay anything, the only thing the employer would be required to pay would be Workman

World Hispanic-Latino Coalition of North America
Jose Alemar
3 Central Ave
Williamsburg, CO 81226
March 4, 2006
Honorable George W. Bush
President of United States of America
1600 Pennsylvanian Ave
Washington DC 20500
Dear Sir or Madam:
Is the issue of illegal immigrants is correctly presented; or the issue is reviving the old anti-immigrants feelings during the arrival and settling of first American establishment in this nation? Have no doubt of my words because they are the truth.
The right wing fundamentalists have taken over the will of the real conservatives within the Republican Party. The voices of the radio and TV Talk shows are continuously implying that they have the control over the Party. Apparently, you have also fallen under they influence by given them the tools needed to continue their implacable hate and cutting down the Hispanic-Latino population in this nation of our. Perhaps I can say without any doubts that I know these people better than any politician and because I know I am able to communicate with them specially those that are already established here.
They mention various reasons for the needs to stop immigration especially Hispanics-Latinos, which are as follow.
1. Security: They imply that if we don

DG Said: "What are you talking about the radical left? Bush is one of the greatest supporters of illegal immigration and the new coalition to pass the guest worker program includes Grover Norquist, not exactly a man of the left."

I stand corrected, Bush is worse than the radical left in supporting open borders/mass amnesty. The radical left are anti-American and against anything good and decent. But, President Bush knows better. He recognizes the danger of an open border after 9/11. Why he continues to endanger American lives is beyond comprehension.

They're answering to a higher power -- look at it that way. There's more that could be said about it of course...

What are you talking about the radical left? Bush is one of the greatest supporters of illegal immigration and the new coalition to pass the guest worker program includes Grover Norquist, not exactly a man of the left.

What this coalition of the radical left seems to forget is that they are talking about illegal immigrants. How can millions of illegal immigrants break the law every day by remaining her, working here, and conspiring with their millions of employers to break social security, tax, OSHA, etc. laws every day, and have any good come from it? Untold millions of illegal aliens and American employers breaking the law every day, can any good come from it? Can ripping the American tradition of rule of law improve America for anyone? Can we encourage crime and criminal conspiracy and really believe we are doing the right thing?

Sadly, the answer is yes. The radical left makes their living lying, trying to pit one group against the other, and fighting against America and everything good and decent in it. Sad.