Bush budget: more for border patrol, none to jail illegal aliens

From this:
For the third straight year, President Bush has proposed eliminating hundreds of millions of dollars in federal reimbursements to states to help with the cost of jailing illegal immigrants who commit crimes. California is the top beneficiary of the program.
The reimbursement program is called SCAAP ("State Criminal Alien Assistance Program"). See "Feds paid $2 billion/year to jail criminal aliens" and "Bush refuses to pay for the trouble he causes". California pays at least $750 million to jail illegal aliens, and has only got part of that back from the feds.

On the other hand, Bush would increase the U.S. Border Patrol budget to more than $3 billion, a 29 percent increase the administration says would be enough to hire 1,500 additional border agents.

Another $35 million is proposed for the San Diego border fence, and $100 million for an assortment of new border-enforcement technologies.

These are some of the provisions in Bush's spending plan for next year that would affect California directly.
The LAT offers "State Would Again Lose Funds for Jailed Illegal Immigrants" and from the WashTimes comes the not-surprising news that "Request falls short of full funding for border agents".

UPDATE: As an extra special gift to the Americans, Bush included something else in his budget: $247 million for his "temporary" worker scheme.



Yeah ya gotta love it that he asks for the money to put his guest worker plan in place before it has passed in Congress. Does he know something that we don't?

Smoke and mirrors. More money for Border Patrol agents but tie their hands by not having a place to put arrested criminals. Then when it does not work (surprise!) time to roll out the old mass amnesty in guest worker clothing scam.

President Bush and his leading Republicans seem hell bent on open borders and mass amnesty in spite of the threats of terrorism after 9/11 or the fact that about a pound of drugs are smuggled for each illegal alien that is smuggled (and that's 2 to 4 million pounds of drugs a year). One of the great mysteries of the Bush Administration is why? Why does he fight so hard for open borders/mass amnesty?

Hope the Dems are too racist and/or too dumb to catch on and use the border security issue (Pssst, there isnt any!) to capture Congress and the White House.

Why is everybody down on illegal aliens? Some of my best friends are illegal aliens. I used to be a white guy who was all hung up on the "illegal alien" issue. I was a very unhappy man. Worried all the time about my country and my culture and my very life! Then I met a couple of cool Mexican dudes who took me out and gave me a couple of Corona beers and a couple of hits of mota. Now I don't worry about anything! I have so much fuckin' fun! And the best thing about it is that I can say anything I want about anybody at all and nobody has the balls to call me a racist! I am now an "adopted" illegal alien and I love it! Viva Mejico! Fuck America! Is there anybody out there in cyberspace who has the balls to tell me I'm full of shit?------Or is it true that we have surrendered as a nation?