Join The Jobs for South Asia Coalition!

In the recent entry "Central Valley orange growers look to Thailand for labor" I alluded to a "shocking revelation", and now's the time to reveal what that meant.

The "Jobs for South Asia Coalition" - which you probably never heard of - was a Swiftian satire on guest worker programs.

The "Coalition" wanted to bring victims of the 2004 Asian tsunami to the U.S. as guest workers, and it bore more than a whiff of slavery. In bad taste? Well, shortly after I published the idea, a Cato Institute analyst (Will Wilkinson) came out with a serious proposal closely tracking my (satirical) proposal (reason . com/hod/ww011405.shtml). And, that proposal was published in Reason Magazine. And, that was a couple weeks after I'd sent an email to Reason Magazine asking for their assistance with my "proposal".

Was it just a case of great minds thinking alike?

The blog is at, but you can read the latest version here: "Jobs for South Asia Coalition". Please post that link around.

Despite my best efforts (also this and this classic), my satire never really took off. But, hopefully now that it's hosted at the HuffPost we can change that.