Bellwood, IL: school kids beat up UPS driver

A UPS driver was beaten up by 15 to 20 school-age kids who surrounded his vehicle in Bellwood Illinois. Video at the link. They apparently came from a nearby middle school. Are we Brazil yet?

The driver appears to be white, and based on the demographics there's an 80% chance that the perps were black.

Your assignment:
1. Spot the first "liberal" who claims the driver had it coming.
2. Spot the first "liberal" who claims the perps are just misunderstood.
3. Assuming my presumption above is correct, spot all the "liberals" who will not even consider this to have been a hate crime, but who would have rushed to call it that if the (presumed) races were reversed.


For info on race and crime (based on DOJ stats) see Here

Spot the first media outlet to call them "youths".

"indict the entire group"

You're correct, this may happen. Which would be unfortunate...Depending on what you mean by "indict".

Because the disproportionate criminality of Black people in America is a (sad) statistical fact; this piece presents a few pertinent figures, e.g. that while only 13% of the population, Blacks make up 49% of the total prison population (perhaps some corroboration for this is needed). The total cost of this to society is hard to overstate.

So one can, I think, be forgiven for wondering if an immigration policy that is bringing more Blacks to America than any time in history might be something to think twice about.

You might not spot any liberals, but it won't be long before you spot someone who will use the actions of a few to indict the entire group.