Don't blame the Vatican for the socialistic views of the U.S. Catholic Bishops

That appears to be the bottom line of this article:
...Pope Benedict XVI actually made reference to distinctions between "national and international migration, forced and voluntary migration, legal and illegal migration, [and those] subject also to the scourge of trafficking in human beings."

That's illegal - not "undocumented"!

The Pope's message said nothing about illegal aliens having a right to enter the United States at anytime they want, as many times as they want, for whatever reason they desire.

Pope Benedict's message, as with most Papal statements dealing with refugees and other immigration-related issues, focuses entirely on Christian charity and pastoral care—especially administering the sacraments to the faithful in foreign lands.

The point is that the American Bishops, or any Bishop for that matter, cannot make the faithful do something that is unjust—in this case open the U.S. borders to all...
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