" Central Valley orange growers look to Thailand for labor"

This blog has a shocking revelation to announce soon. Well, OK, not that shocking. But, it will make use of this:
Can workers from Thailand be imported in enough numbers to harvest the Central Valley orange crop?

California Citrus Mutual, an organization of growers, is studying a proposal from a labor contractor to bring in enough Asian workers on a temporary basis to get the fruit off the trees.

Orange growers are the latest Central Valley farmers to complain that traditional sources of field labor are producing fewer and fewer workers.

Blamed are tougher controls of the border with Mexico and higher paying jobs in Central Valley construction luring what workers there are.

A final deal has not been worked out for the Asian workers but is being actively considered according to Exeter-based California Citrus Mutual.


Of the roughly 6 1/2 billion people in the world, about 5 billion are poorer than the people of Mexico. McCain-Kennedy doesn't specify that employers have to stick to workers already in the US or the Americas. As long as their home countries will let them out, they are fair game.

It's economics. As soon as one group wins greater benefits and pay, employers will opt for cheaper labor wherever they can find it.