Herndon Embraces All With Respect and Tolerance (We HEART illegal aliens)

Allen Benson and Leila McDowell-Head are members of a group called "Herndon Embraces All With Respect and Tolerance". They support the Herndon Virginia day laborer hiring hall, and the Washington Post - itself also a supporter of illegal immigration - prints a guest column from them: "Compassion: A Community Value".

I'm sure those profiting off this illegal labor are quite compa$$ionate. And, HEART's "tolerance" appears to be lacking for those who support our laws:

An influx of "white pride" protesters and Minutemen (a group best known for its vigilantism on the Mexican border) harassed the day laborers.

What skill. Can you fit three unsupported smears in just twenty-five words?

we agree that Herndon should have the right to solve a local problem without interference from national organizations.

Herndon does not have the right to support hiring illegal aliens, something that's a violation of federal law.

We support the right of day laborers to work, and we are cognizant of the dire conditions under which many of these laborers (and their families) live -- without health insurance, steady employment, vacation time or sick leave. The desire to work -- a basic American value -- should not subject anyone to antipathy.

Since we know that three-quarters of day laborers are illegal aliens, isn't there a better way? Namely, preventing them from coming here in the first place.

If bleeding HEART "liberals" want to help the poor and uneducated citizens of Mexico and Central America, they should go there and do that. Importing cheap labor so they can then be abused and receive low wages in a high-cost economy does them and us no good.

It certainly will make some mush-minded useful idiot "liberals" feel good. And, it will certainly provide clients for those organizations that help the poor. What better way to get new clients and funding than to import poor people? But, if there were no illegal aliens available to take these jobs, then wages would have to rise for legal workers. And, that would lead to the conditions for those workers being less dire. So, if HEART's useful idiot members don't want workers to be abused and be forced to live in dire conditions, they should support our laws instead of advocating undermining them.

While she might have other motivations, and I don't want to engage in mind-reading, note that Leila McDowell-Head is or was the Director of Communications for a group called the Center for Community Change (communitychange.org):

Helping low-income people, especially people of color, build powerful, effective organizations through which they can change their communities and public policies for the better.

One of their workers tries to smear those who support our immigration laws as members of "white pride" groups, at the same time as her group expresses its preference for "people of color"? Who exactly is the racist here?

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"Helping low-income people, especially people of color, build powerful, effective organizations through which they can change THEIR communities and public policies for the better."

THEIR communities? I don't think so. I would bet that not a single one of the bleeding HEART's live in the neighborhood of this day laborer site.

D.A. KIng at the vdare blog points out that this type of activity is a federal felony. The problem is that the executive branch of government largely ignores the law. This ia why enforcement beyond the token level must be fully activated before any any type of "guestworker" program is made law.
A reminder from Marietta: it is already a crime to facilitate illegal immigration.

It has been since the 1996 Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996 was put into law