Wendy's Chili Finger Finder gets nine years

Anna Ayala, who claimed to have found a severed human finger in a bowl of chili she got at a San Jose Wendy's, has been sentenced to nine years in California prison:

"Greed and avarice overtook this couple and they lost their moral compass," Judge Davila said... [he] also ordered the couple to pay almost $22 million (12.5 million pounds) in restitution but Wendy's officials indicted to the court they would only seek to collect approximately $170,000, representing the wages lost by employees at the San Jose restaurant where working hours were cut back after a downturn in business.

This story was last featured here in: Breaking: Wendy's chili finger settled $50 debt


Anna Ayala was sentenced to nine years for the "Chili Finger Caper." That's good. She should also get twenty years tacked onto that for the smug fuckin' look on her face when she was in court.