Barely coherent Bush speech shows he can't and won't do his job

America's president spoke in Louisville KY earlier today, and the transcript is here. That link goes to his immigration-related remarks, and rather than concentrating on all the lies and canards, the easier thing would be to try to find anything in that section that's true. I'm still looking...

Can anyone locate anything in there that doesn't sound like it was said by a six-year-old? Is there anything in there that isn't fundamentally a lie?

For just one example, let's look at this:

Part of making sure that immigration policy works is you hold employers to account, but how can you hold them to account when they're being presented with forged documents?

Now, see "Employers can verify social security numbers electronically". It's a voluntary program that only a small number of employers use. Surely, Bush could have presented that as a way for employers to verify who's applying for a job, right? Perhaps he could even have gotten behind making it a mandatory program. Of course, he did not do that.

Bush also tried to draw an analogy between illegal immigration and Prohibition. Obviously, there's quite a large difference between a person who works for a large corporation and a bottle of whiskey that's traded under the table. One is a long-term relationship out in the open and involving a party who presumably follows our other laws. The other is a shadowy transaction involving parties who might not even know one another. There's very little similarity between the two.

Bush has made it clear that he's not qualified to be president of the U.S. and that he has no intention of doing the job he swore to do.


"Obviously, there's quite a large difference between a person (illegal immigrant) who works for a large corporation and a bottle of whiskey that's traded under the table."

Also, that bottle of whiskey isn't going to produce half-pints who will then be US citizens. The only import into the US that can reproduce itself exponentially is people.

Sometime this year the US will exceed 300 million people. About 2/3 to 3/4 of the increase in population of the last few years is the direct result of recent immigration; that is, new immigrants and their children and their children's children. In view of the fact that a large number of the most recent immigrants are third-world people who begin bearing children at an early age, we will see multiple generations in a very short time frame. Even if they stop at 2 with 2 years between, if the age of first birth is 18, then one woman will produce 30 descendants by the time she is in her 80's.

If we continue as we have, by mid-century we will have well over 400 million people - another 100+ million in 45 years. Is this what we want? Can we even handle that many without severe deterioration of the environment, our liberties, our quality of life? Not likely.

An end to the 'prohibition' on illegal immigration would not reduce crime or the level of aggression in society, but increase it vastly. This is politics; there is only one issue, whether the level of aggression will be increased by what is proposed. Bush implies that we might expect results like the end of prohibition in 1933, through a relaxation of the prohibition on illegal immigration. Legalizing the sale of alcohol did not increase the aggression in society, it reduced it. In the welfare society of today, a relaxation of immigration control can only be expected to greatly increase the level of aggression on the net taxpayer, our fellow citizen, to whom we owe loyalty when he is attacked by such and such foreigners.