Mexican politicians to lobby U.S. Senators

Mexican senators and representatives are forming a united front to lobby the U.S. Senate to support "comprehensive" immigration "reform". Please write your Senators and tell them you'll be watching how they respond.


sad to say this "The Lonewacko" it means nothing to this non government if you tell the boys in washington you are watching, but the FBI Will watch the poor guy who writes the rats in that want-to-be mexico city drug dealers. the only way to deal with evil rats is the old way, and many trees with ropes.

but the people in this non nation will do nothing and someday the people will become the target of this non government.

Read Vdare, the drug dealers in mexico city have been sending money to the so called senators for years now, most are owned by some mexican drug dealer, think that is nuts do you?, just open your eyes and look at the facts.

in ten years you will understand.