California governor Al Gore?

Our sources tell us that Al Gore has spent $2 million on a condo in San Francisco, also the home of his latest Current TV venture. Could this be preparation for a run for governor of California? Or, does he just like the luxury ambience of his new digs?

Sources say that "ever since people learned that Al and Tipper Gore were moving into the St. Regis" requests for information skyrocketed. In fact, a closely-placed source informs this blogger that "there's something about living near a person so powerful and important that really excites folks".

They're not just excited, they're practically irrationally exuberant:

"A client of mine just moved into the swanky Four Seasons a few blocks away, where the Mayor happens to be. It's a great place. But when she heard the Gores were moving into the St. Regis, she called me up and said she wants to sell her place so she can move to the St. Regis right away! I guess it's more exciting to live near a former VP than a current Mayor."


Al for CA gov?

Didn't he get the memo? non-Hispanics need not apply.

Are all the causian Democrats brain dead?

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