Ernesto Portillo Jr offers racialized version of A Christmas Carol

The Arizona Daily Star columnist updates Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, offering a version such as one might find in a comic book printed by the Mexican government. It's full of so many strawmen that you might think you're reading Thomas Hardy instead of Dickens, but since we don't have all day let's look at this:

They passed over the coastlines, where Mr. Scrooge watched small boats crowded with desperate people try to reach the shore. He spied small airplanes, carrying far more people than allowed, landing on clandestine inland airstrips.
Up north, along the U.S.-Canadian border, Mr. Scrooge saw people crossing on foot, some dying in the dead of winter.
"Is this what will become of us?" he asked his guide.
"Sadly, yes," said the ghost of immigration future.
"Tell me what I can do to prevent it," begged Mr. Scrooge.
The ghost thought for a minute.

While the author goes on to pimp a "comprehensive immigration plan", my sources inform me that that ghost had an IQ above 50 and realizes that that won't work and will in fact just make the situation much worse. Accordingly, let me finish this little fable for him:

Then, the ghost suggested something that shocked Mr. Scrooge to his core: enforcing the immigration laws not just on the border, but at workplaces and in the interior. And, reduce or eliminate non-emergency services to illegal aliens.
That way, the ghost said, far fewer illegal aliens will come here in the first place, and all the problems will be solved.
"Sure, racial demagogues, the Mexican government, corrupt employers, and the far-left will whine, but always remember: they don't have America's best interests at heart."