Is Raw Story a credible source?

Is the far-left "news" organization Raw Story credible or not? Consider the last headline from this screengrab of their site:

Raw Story

The last link in that graphic claims that Fox News' Tony Snow is tied to a white supremacist group because the site contains a column he wrote in 1999 about Kwanzaa. The MLK site is apparently a front site for a white supremacist group, which has a link to the latter group's site at the bottom of the page.

Does that mean that Tony Snow writes columns for a racist site? Let's do the extremely easy detective work that RS apparently doesn't know how or conveniently forgot to do.

Take a close look at the article in question. Notice anything... different just above Snow's name?

Yes, that's right, there are two dates given just above his byline:

Dec. 31, 1999/22 Teves, 5760

The second form of the date is... from the Jewish calendar. In fact, the Snow column first appeared at the... Jewish World Review.

In other words, if RawStory is to be believed, not only does Tony Snow have links to a white supremacist organization but so does a Jewish publication.

Of course, what probably happened is the MLK site obtained reprint rights through a third party or from JWR without either of those groups being aware of their true nature. Or, they just copied and pasted the article.

Since there's an extremely large chance that that's true, that means that there's an extremely small chance that Raw Story's implication is true in any way.

While I've linked to RawStory and BlueLemur in the past, in the future I will make sure and verify everything I read there before linking again. I no longer consider them an even marginally credible source.


1. I don't know if you've ever read a newspaper, but Snow's column was syndicated (that means sold to a lot, idiot,) so it wasn't written for any Jewish paper.

2. Did you read the excerpt from his piece? It's absurd and racist. Whether or not it was used with permission, it certainly fit their agenda beautifully.

So, are you stupid, or just bitter?

Well...sorry to disappoint you...but I beat you to the detective work the second Raw Story was given the tip. In fact...if you travel to Crooks and Liars and Intoxination you will notice that the very first comments which linked the article to Jewish World Review were left by me.

Our article (which I didn't work on) didn't say that Tony Snow wrote if for Stormfront. And...if you must know...later I objected internally to the words "linked" and "tied" on the headline. But even if Snow was unaware...those words are still accurate.

There may be a follow-up in the future.

PS - My hometown is Newburgh and it's unlike anything that you've portrayed it as (pot to kettle or kettle to pot).

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