How to get press attention for your tourist attraction and book

Today's award goes to 75-year-old Ray Wright from England who runs the "Clearwell Caves attraction in the Forest of Dean" and who's seeking a publisher for his book "The Gifts Of The Sun". He got his name in the paper by claiming that the Twelve Days Of Christmas is actually a church-cleaned-up version of a pagan mating ritual song.

Congratulations to Mr. Wright for his timing and skills with press release writing.


Most people know that christmas was taken from the pagan right, the fact is my people got out of england in 1635, Mr.Wright should have come along.

I did work for a pagan, called a muslim until tonight when he told me he wasn't going to pay me because he didn't like me asking to go home one hour before closing, i say "what" he said "you Americans ask for to much"..the night before christmas, oh well he is a Iraqi and just got here 2 years ago, what A joke of a country.

So Mr. Wright we still have many pagans running the world And lets face facts its a insane world.

Its good to be free.