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How to get press attention for your tourist attraction and book

Today's award goes to 75-year-old Ray Wright from England who runs the "Clearwell Caves attraction in the Forest of Dean" and who's seeking a publisher for his book "The Gifts Of The Sun". He got his name in the paper by claiming that the Twelve Days Of Christmas is actually a church-cleaned-up version of a pagan mating ritual song.

Congratulations to Mr. Wright for his timing and skills with press release writing.

Miscellania · Sat, 12/24/2005 - 11:49 · Importance: 1

Sat, 12/24/2005 - 22:33
Fred Dawes

Most people know that christmas was taken from the pagan right, the fact is my people got out of england in 1635, Mr.Wright should have come along.

I did work for a pagan, called a muslim until tonight when he told me he wasn't going to pay me because he didn't like me asking to go home one hour before closing, i say "what" he said "you Americans ask for to much"..the night before christmas, oh well he is a Iraqi and just got here 2 years ago, what A joke of a country.

So Mr. Wright we still have many pagans running the world And lets face facts its a insane world.

Its good to be free.