"Police tell Christian couple view on gays 'close to hate crime'"

From England, Land of Orwell, comes yet another disturbing story about "liberalism" run amok.
POLICE questioned a retired couple for 80 minutes about their "homophobic" views after they asked their local council if they could display their Christian literature next to gay rights leaflets, it was reported last night.

Joe and Helen Roberts said that police officers warned them that their actions "were close to a hate crime" after they complained to Wyre Borough Council about its gay rights policies.

The couple claimed that the police told them they were "walking on eggshells".

Mr Roberts, from Fleetwood, Lancashire, said he had been offended because of the council's distribution of the gay rights leaflets and its promotion of its theatre as a venue for civil partnership ceremonies.

He said he complained to Paul Deacon, the council officer responsible for Wyre's part in the Navajo Charter Mark campaign being run by several local authorities to offer assistance to gay and lesbian people.

Mr Roberts, 73, told the Daily Mail: "I told him I was offended. I asked him if I could put Christian literature on display alongside the gay material. He said I couldn't because it would offend gay people.

"I said we had no objection to gay people, but we thought that homosexual practice was wrong and we were offended by the gay culture which the council is promoting.

"They warned me that being discriminatory and homophobic is in line with hate crime. The phrase they used was that we were 'walking on eggshells'. I asked the officer, if I phoned the police with a complaint that the council were discriminating against Christians would he go to interview them?"

Lancashire police said its visit to the Robertses' family home was a matter of routine after a complaint from the council. A spokesman added: "Words of suitable advice were given and we will not be taking any further action."


"Fed UP" gets the award for completely missing the point.

"I really miss republicans that were libertarian."

And extra credit for proving moronism still has many adherents. Unwitting adherents, most likely, but then what else would you expect...

Oh please, what is your point?
Whatever happened to live, and let live? I really miss republicans that were libertarian. Everybody should mind their own darn business! I don't give a rat's pitute about who promises to love and honor someone in sickness and in health. Quit whining about gays. If your marriage is in trouble, it is NOT because some Queer promised to love and honor another Queer. Get over it!
Enough already! Geeze!

perroazul del norte is totally right, its really all about how you think and what you say, but one other thing, with the new ideals that all cultures are the same thing with the same ideals you get mass murder of that people who fall for that insane idea. in other words cultures are not all the same.

England now has a crime rate higher than that of the US. For example, street crime is now far more prevalent in London than in New York. This is due largely because the police have become "polictical police" in the true KGB-sense of the word: they are far more concerned with pursuing the thought crimes of those who dissent from the Multicult orthodoxy than they are with suppressing the activities of muggers and rapists.

That part of the world will be muslim within 20 years, the fact is we have evil P.C. Hate against normal people going on in all parts of the First world is lost on many people.
its a deal that has been made against you as a normal human being, you now hear so much insane propaganda it's a joke. the reason why this kind of evil is going on is because our low life Rich want the total enslavement of all people on earth, "hey people", we are encircled, and not by bin laden.