"Ever used Napster? $500"

I've noticed recent ads from a group looking for those who used Napster "back in the day", specifically 2000 or 2001. They want to buy your old computer and they'll give you $500.

I'd provide a link except I don't want to give them any additional help. I don't think this is a fraud, but I wonder exactly what they're after. I note that they have both an sbcglobal email address and a 1-800 number specifically for this campaign. The number references their campaign and asks you to leave a message, but doesn't give any additional information.

One possibility that springs to mind is that Hillary Rosen and the BATF intend to storm the residences of all those suckers who reply.

A more likely scenario is that is from a law group seeking electronic evidence on someone's behalf: either Napster or someone who's suing Napster. Except I thought they were out of business.

Another possibility is something related to patent attorneys looking for prior art, although that's less likely since they could probably obtain Napster code through other means.

If you find out what's involved, leave a note.


any one got any ideas on how to burn protected wma files or convert them to mp3? Like the files you download from napster?