"Mexico Admits Poor Treatment of Migrants"

Surprisingly, the WaPo doesn't sugarcoat the headline to this AP report:
Mexico's federal Human Rights Commission acknowledged on Wednesday that the country uses some of the same methods in dealing with illegal migrants that it has criticized the United States for employing.

The admission comes as Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez called on Latin American countries to unite against a U.S. House of Representatives bill to toughen border enforcement.

The bill, which passed on Friday with a 239-182 vote, would make illegal entry a felony, and enlist military and local police to help stop illegal entrants.

But officials of Mexico's federal Human Rights Commission acknowledged that Mexico already employs both tactics in its own territory.

"As a matter of fact, (Mexico's) population law does include prison terms for illegally entering the country ... and this is something that has been the subject of constant complaints," said Mauricio Farah, a national inspector for the rights commission...


Here's the deal: When the Mexican authorities catch an illegal alien sneaking across their southern border, this activates a certain chain of events:
1. The illegal alien is arrested and taken to the nearest police facility.
2. The illegal alien is then beaten with a stick because the asshole is breaking the laws of Mexico.
3. The illegal alien is then stripped of any money or valuables the Mexican police might want.
4. The illegal alien is then taken back to the border where he is swung by the arms and legs and then launched into Guatemala on the count of three.