"Crackhead University" and Newburgh NY

crackhead university documentary

The upstate New York version of the South Bronx, otherwise known as Newburgh, has been featured here in the past. In October 2003 I visited that less-than-charming burg: "Where can I buy crack in the mid-Hudson River Valley region of New York State?"

While driving through a semi-rural area that was the last thing I was expecting to find.

Then, last year John Kerry and Teresa Heinz ate at a Wendy's there and I provided extensive coverage.

Now, "LouDAWG" informs us that they even made a documentary about that fine city: "Crackhead University".


good god help us all.


According to this link, Newburgh is one-third black, which as we all know, and some of us are honest enough to say openly, means trouble for any city. It also seems to have a significant Hispanic population, although the percentages look screwed up, which makes me wonder how many of the "White" people are actually "Hispanic or Latino".

A few years ago, while looking for Lincoln's tomb I was also quite surprised to come across what amounts to a small black ghetto in Sprinfield, Illinois.