79% of Texans think "government is not doing enough to stop illegal immigrants"

According to the Scripps Howard Texas Poll:
Seventy-nine percent say the government is not doing enough to stop illegal immigrants... The finding reflects a 10 point increase from February of 2004 and a 21-point hike from August of 2001. The survey included 1,000 Texas adults, and the poll has an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The survey also shows that 86 percent believe that U.S. businesses are contributing to the surge of illegal immigration by hiring undocumented workers. A similar number - 83 percent - believe that businesses should identify and report undocumented immigrants.

...Eighty-four percent of Texans surveyed consider illegal immigration a serious problem, while 76 percent believe the number of unauthorized immigrants crossing into Texas has been increasing in recent years.

The survey, however, shows that Texans are split over proposed guest worker programs, including one by President Bush that would allow undocumented residents to stay in the country and work for several years in jobs bypassed by U.S. citizens. Fifty percent support the plan, compared with 42 percent who oppose and 8 percent who don't know.

The survey also shows that nearly half the Texans surveyed cast a skeptical view on the controversial Minutemen, citizen volunteers who patrol the border. Forty-nine percent oppose such efforts, while 47 percent approve.

Forty-nine percent believe undocumented workers take jobs that nobody wants, while 37 percent believe they take jobs from U.S. citizens...
Obviously, the poll isn't as nuanced as one would hope. Last year's results are in "Poll: Texans believe illegal immigration is a serious problem".