Pro-illegal immigration propaganda from Houston Chronicle, Lowell Sun

The Houston Chronicle and the Lowell Sun recently published two stories that not only seem to qualify as pro-illegal immigration propaganda, but they're also very similarly structured. I've compared the first three paragraphs below. If they're willing to publish stories like this, should you trust anything else you read in those papers?

Houston Chronicle
Immigrants struggle with illegitimacy
Elena Vega and Tony Freemantle
Lowell Sun
"Immigrant family in Lowell fears years of making a life in U.S. will end in deportation"
Evan Lehmann
Their dream was a small piece of land in Mexico City, a place to build a modest house, a refuge from the inner-city barrio where they made their living selling used handbags on the street. It started on that bare apartment floor. They slept there, the family of four. Launched a new life from that Lowell floor. Found America there.
Their plans included Houston, but only as a temporary step. Francisco would come here for a year, make some money and return to Mexico City. The Brazilian children, then 5 and 9, had an old mattress six months later, rising up from that foreign floor. Progress. Two years after that, the parents spent wages earned cleaning homes and delivering pizzas to lift themselves onto a mattress.
They never thought that eight years later they would be living in a small, neat apartment in southeast Houston, or that one of their children would be a U.S. citizen, or that having a share of the American Dream within their grasp could be so seductive, and so elusive. Now, five years after they found that floor, they own a house in Lowell. The children have attended public school. The parents, in their early 40s, still deliver pizzas and clean homes for more money than they ever earned in Brazil. They pay taxes, have a credit card and speak some English.

Here's a similar case.


The propaganda is a real outrage against all the people inside this nation. But this is what you get when you let millions and millions of people inside your borders that have total loyally and total faithful and dream of the day when only mexican live inside the dead usa. the pro-illegal immigration guys love mexico and the culture of evil doers like Fox, "and come on guys its mexico city Houston", 60 percent of the people are mexicans by any other name, the fact is if we as a people don't take action against this disloyal government you may as well start to think and act like a mexican real soon. oh yes the mexican lobbyists and drug dealers are working over-time on bush and his evil little ideals.

death to all the enemies of freedom and the USA, LONG LIVE THE IDEALS OF 1776. How long before the ideals of 1776 are outlawed inside the lands of so called freedom? and called fascist ideals?