Will a Third Party arise?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a pro-American third political party that wasn't corrupt like the Dems and the GOP? There's some historical analysis in "Voter disaffection an opening for third party?" It mentions the same poll discussed here, as well as Jim Gilchrist and... the Loonitarians. Considering that they couldn't even get over 0.4% of the 2004 presidential vote in California - a state which Kerry won as soon as he was nominated - one wonders what chance they would have, especially since when you look at many of their planks you realize just how completely out of touch they are.


A third Party would be doomed from the out-set. and lets face facts the system wants this non nation to become like the third world, one can call them hypocrites for saying one thing and doing evil beyond your back, one can point out that they deliberately avoid thinking about anything which might call into qutesion the ideals of real people living a life out side the power rats in washington! the shallow catch-phrases with which they justify themselves- by telling you out right lies is normal inside a totally insane system and the system is you and if you don't stand up and take your borders back with guns and ideals you will become nothing but a mexican. I will say no more. ( by the way can you say things like that in mexico against the government ? )