"Farm trespasser sentenced"

Just for fun, and in order to not give anyone the wrong idea about this site, I've replaced "farm" with "carnival", "horse" with "puppy", and you-know-what with "eat cotton candy" in the following story.
A truck driver pleaded guilty Tuesday to trespassing at an Enumclaw [carnival] where police say his friend died after [eating cotton candy] with a [puppy].

...Police say Tait, 54, was videotaping his friend [having cotton candy] with a [puppy] in July when his friend suffered fatal injuries.

Tait told police that he, the Seattle man who died and another man often sneaked onto his neighbor's [carnival] in the night to engage in animal [eating cotton candy], according to court documents.


I Love it and that is the way you would see it in the so called Real News.