The John Campbell-Bush administration axis

This site supports Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project in Tuesday's runoff election in the 48th Congressional District.

While I'm sure there are various links between his opponent John Campbell and the Bush administration, here's one with an actual dollar figure: on 11/14, VP Dick Cheney helped Campbell raise $125,000.

Note that the Bush administration has practically installed flashing neon arrows at the border directing the cheap labor northward. And, yesterday we noted that the chairman of the RNC and former head of Bush-Cheney campaign, Ken Mehlman, supports massive illegal immigration.

If you want to keep the borders as porous as possible, support the GOP leadership. If you want to do something about massive illegal immigration, support Gilchrist.


I think Gilchrist served his purpose, which was to give Campbell a bloody nose. Once Campbell gets to DC, being the "newbie" he will be in for a lot of arm twisting from Bush and the House leadership. If he gets beaten up a little by Gilchrist, maybe he won't be as inclined to cave in to Bush.

Advice To Gilchrist:

If you win, you will never be able to sleep again.
Those assholes in Washington are not above murder in the night.

Truth-be-told Gilchrist is a one-trick pony and has no chance. He HAS brought the issue of immigration into this election. I think that is what he wanted to accomplish.

Look the fix is in and yes Jim Gilchrist is a great guy and may do good things for this nation if it was still a nation, but the fact is he can't win he may get most of the votes but who is counting the vote if you know what i mean?
watch this one someone is making a deal against you and the ideals of freedom and the ideals of the bill of rights.