"Why Bush's border scheme won't work"

Clarence Page says the latest version of Bush's immigration "reform" scheme is an amnesty. And:
...What's missing is a serious crackdown on the biggest magnet that draws illegal immigrants: jobs. Employers and consumers love cheap labor, as long as it is not competing directly for their jobs. Bush shows no desire to get in the way of that cozy relationship.

We don't need tougher penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegals; we only need to enforce the tough penalties that already have been legislated. Instead, employer sanctions have been so poorly enforced that prosecutions of employers have plummeted in recent decades. When the law lacks teeth, it is ignored.

The result has been a make-believe immigration policy: The president pretends that undocumented workers will police themselves, and the rest of us pretend to believe him.

We need something more sensible. America thrives on immigration. It is part of our national character. But we also need some semblance of order--and fairness!


Why are you dissing Wal-Mart?

We will all be the "pinata" and that pinata is full of evil and it will fall on millions someday. and yes i hate that want this nation dismantled and the Mexico\third world oligarchies of total corruption are for real.

the only good enemy of freedom is a dead enemy of freedom.

I, for one, welcome our new Mexican Oligarchy Overlords (if that isn't the name of a tejano band it should be). Bring on the fajitas, siestas, and Tecate. If it will make Fred happy he can make a Bush pi

I agree with Fred Dawes. I live on the Canadian Border, and 300 yards from the Lackawanna Eight, and I never see any type of border surveillance. You can cross the water in a power boat and do a lot of damage and be back again without anybody noticing. There is mo immigration policiy

You can tell where this government is by just going to the borders and protesting this coming take over by the enemies of freedom, your own government will attack you. because its not your government but is being run by our enemies from whitin. remember all you see is a lie and will be use against you someday.

"You miss the point". Bush and family do not want anything that would stop the take over by mexico and its families to work on the borders because its all about no borders for mexico and its drug dealers that run that shit place called mexico.

its all about Recomnquista and the dismantling of this nation as a culture. for the ideals of the third world people's and the drug dealers that run the third world.

Is bin laden wrong about this culture and its leaders and its people who will not fight against evil? And will not fight to keep a culture? so whats the point in fighting so called terrorists\so called militants? when you just hand over a nation to people that have no right to be here?...the fact is bush is part of the mexican oligarchies and the fact is this nation will not be here in 20 years.