"Sanctuary Cities: A New Civil War"

From this:
What is most remarkable about sanctuary cities is that they are illegal. In 1996 Congress passed two laws dealing with the subject: the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. Under both statutes state and local governments could no longer prohibit employees from inquiring about immigration status or tipping off immigration authorities. The Court of Appeals upheld both provisions in New York v. U.S. (1999).

The Appeals Court remarked that "the City's sovereignty argument asks us to turn the Tenth Amendment's shield against the federal government's using state and local governments to enact and administer federal programs into a sword allowing states and localities to engage in passive resistance that frustrates federal programs." The court concluded that where the federal government has undoubted power to act, as in the case of immigration, the Supremacy Clause "bars states from taking actions that frustrate federal laws and regulatory schemes. We therefore hold that states do not retain under the Tenth Amendment an untrammeled right to forbid all voluntary cooperation by state or local officials with particular programs."


This is a TRUE or FALSE test:

A penniless, American citizen, can sneak across the border into Tiajuana, work as a carpenter for "under the table" money while at the same time drawing welfare benefits from the Mexican government, and live happily everafter in Mexico without ever having learned to speak a word of Spanish.

I think most of us (Americans in general) are so fat, dumb, and happy that we don't even know what the term "sanctuary city" means.

I guess we (Americans in general)are so fat, dumb, and happy that most of us have no idea what the term "sactuary city" even means.

The so called sanctuary cities are a joke, the fact is the so called U.S. non government wants it like that!...and what a joke if you think you have any rights at all, the fact is we "OUR",Now moving right into the third world and most people still just don't get what that means.

by the way we will have a civil and race war but that also will play into the hands of some real evil Rats. sad world i have my guns do you?

by the way where is bin laden?...in mexico city?