"College Grads Who Are Illegal Immigrants Face Barren Job Market"

The NY Sun offers today's "well, duh" article.


"Why are we spending money on educating illegal immigrants..."

Because being here illegally is seen as, or is largely portrayed in the media as, a crime not really worth worrying about. In fact, here you have sort of the polar opposite of crime: rather than hinder them, or going further arresting and removing them, we should help them, including by educating them on the same level basis as other citizen or legal residents, and also of course by giving them (the "undocumented") documents (most advocates see education as part of a comprehensive legalization package). Similar emotionalism, or emotion-based argument, is behind sanctuary policies. Focusing on individual cases -- the so-called PIIPPs blogged about here -- helps sharpen the appeal of this. Which maybe isn't too difficult to do after all, because it is also not so difficult to see the human angle in all of this. The fact that we're talking about kids, and not just kids but kids who seem to have enough of what it takes to make it to college, is also a powerful plus in this sense. Finally throw in a load of politically correct racial sensitivity -- the reality that the vast majority of the people we're talking about here are non-white -- and you've got a slam dunk for the PC media.

Unfortunately, few such stories bother to do any real analysis and reasoning about the consequences, like you try to do. When you try just a little of that, it becomes rather easy to see through the shallow appeal to emotion made in the media.

What they mean, probably, is not that they can't jobs, but that they can't get positions which are commensurate with their education. That raises a practical objection to their being educated for positions that they're not eligible for. That is, unless the objective is just to maximize the plundering of the citizen and the net taxpayer.

Watch some stupid liberal politicos scream about "injustice" and introduce legislation to allow illegal immigrants with college degrees (paid for by American's tax money, BTW) to have access to employment that legal immigrants have to vie for in the job market. We might as well sign the whole damned country over to the rest of the world, pack up and get off the planet! It seems the citizens of the United States don't have the right to exist, live, and prosper.

I can just hear the liberals sniveling whine now, "It's not fair...It's not fair!"

Screw 'em!!

Common sense pretty much says that, since most college students today need grants, scholarships, loans, etc to complete college, most of these students also needed these financial aids as well. Also all higher education in the US today is subsidized in one way or another by taxes. Why are we spending money on educating illegal immigrants when it is illegal for any employer in the US to hire them? It's not as if there aren't needy and deserving US citizens and legal immigrants that we could help.