Poll: Most believe Bush administration misleads public

According to a Harris telephone poll of 1011 U.S. adults, the following percentages agree with this statement: "Do you think that the Bush administration generally provides accurate information regarding current issues or do you think they generally mislead the public on current issues to achieve its own end?".

Republicans: 28% agree, 68% disagree
Democrats: 91% agree, 7% disagree
Independents: 73% agree, 25% disagree
overall: 32% agree, 64% disagree


I have problems with agree/disagree when the question is either/or.

It's hard for me to believe that 68% of Republicans think he's truthful. They need to pull their head out.

Yes bush did mislead millions of people but that is for a one world reason, didn't he mislead people about the borders? about jobs inside the USA?..So he will mislead you where he wants you to go, and that place will be the third world war, watch out for the next rat to be president "she", will do you real good, if you know what i mean? but if that is a place you want to go have fun in hell. and by the way start thinking before you vote next time.