Reading Massachusetts' bill to give discounted college educations to illegal aliens

This guy actually read the bill text. (As previously discussed, various legislators - including those who would appear to be racially-inclined - want to take in-state tuition away from U.S. citizens and give them to illegal aliens. Candidate for governor Tom Reilly supports that scheme.)

According to the bill's text, eligible students would only have to have lived in MA for three years and have the "equivalent" of "graduation from a high school" in the state. That's a massive loophole and, according to the first link, it's very much intentional...

And, consider this bit from the bill:

..the individual shall provide the University of Massachusetts, or the state or community college with an affidavit stating that the individual has filed an application to become a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or shall file an application at the earliest opportunity the individual is eligible to do so.

Can't you just hear the future conversations in high schools throughout MA? "Oh, and one final thing. You need to fill out this form before we can give you your discount."

Alternatively: "Don't worry about that now. You can file later. If you know what I mean..."

This bill would be more appropriately called the "Officials Screwing Citizens Act". Even the "liberals" in MA need to strongly oppose this, and no one in that state should ever vote for any of its supporters.


eh this once great nation did mean some-thing but today it is under the control of some real evil rats. the rats will get the discount and you and your kids will pay for it.
and to steve smith that group is under some political race control by la raza you just don't know it yet.
Remember one fact, when the mexican DRUG DEALERS get the control you will be a third class citizen and the only thing you or anyone will get is death.
it has happened before in history and it will happen here with the help of a real evil government.

"filed an application"

Yeah, OK. I guess American immigration law doesn't mean shit -- all you gotta do is come here illegally and then 'file an application' to fix that little problem right up. No problem.

One can see the human angle here and still call this sort of thing for what it is: wrongheaded.

Imagine if this single state Bill were to be the precursor of a more widespread movement nationwide. There are presently upwards of 18 million illegal immigrants in the US.

The very fact that there are 18 million illegal immigrants in the US is in itself a problem. Now, we suggest not a solution via the Massachusetts Bill but a compounding of a problem.

Add that to the Bills overweight with pork, spiraling health care costs, homeland security nightmares, stagnated educactional programs, intolerable poverty levels and a sorely needed tax reform system and you have a real quagmire.

Arguably all these problems are largely created and impacted by voters having lost control of politicians agendas. Special interests, party politics, big dollar campaign donors and lobbyists controlling political agendas with threats of withdrawn support in coming elections.

The goal must be to restore politicians responsibility to the voters. A rapidly growing group VOIDnow.Org is organized for that purpose. VOID (Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy) is non-partisan and endorses no political party, and its volunteers include liberals, conservatives and in between. The first step in the process is to begin voting out the incumbents who have already shown that they are not acting on our behalf. We do not expect overnight results; it is a longer term project. Success relies on newly elected non-incimbent politicians realizing the sincerity and resilve of the voter.