Has the Washington Post finally lost it?

Have they "gone around the bend?" Will we soon spot former WaPo editorial writers muttering to themselves as they wander around suburban Virginia collecting bits of string from the sidewalk? Let's see if their latest editorial "Minutemen, Go Home" ( peekURL.com/zQJzGrb ) gives us a clue. Well, first of all, there's the title, and that tone is carried throughout their tantrum:

"undocumented day laborers"

"the Minuteman Project, a national organization bitterly opposed to illegal immigrants"

"Anti-immigrant crusaders"

"hassling undocumented day laborers"

"anti-immigration cranks such as the Minutemen"

"so what they are really up to is simple harassment" (Isn't that actionable? Maybe someone should find out.)

"Reveling in self-importance"

"In Vermont one such group got lost in the woods while hunting for undocumented infiltrators and had to ask for directions, the Boston Globe reported." (Now, see Washington Post repeats Boston Globe smear on Minuteman Project.)

What, you might ask, has got the WaPo so... "excited"? Should a major newspaper like the WaPo really take this tone and attempt to mislead their readers about what groups like the MMP want (example: "anti-immigrant" and "anti-immigration")? What happens when, for instance, their readers decide to take a look at what the MMP really wants, won't they realize that the WaPo tried to deceive them?

And, why isn't the WaPo able to understand things from a Big Picture standpoint? This editorial reads more like the rantings of a Chamber of Commerce hack who wants to keep the boom times rolling in those "boom-'burbs" outside Washington, or like the rantings of various race groups.

The WaPo should look outside its parochial boom-'burbs bubble and take a look at all of the side-effects of that "cheap" labor: corruption, corporate subsidies, lowered wages for American workers, massively increased social welfare costs, and on and on. All the things that California currently enjoys and that Virginia will enjoy in short order. In fact, both California and Virginia driver's licenses played a role in 9/11. There's so many issues involved in illegal immigration, but the WaPo doesn't seem capable of understanding them.

By failing to understand everything involved in this issue, and by misleading their readers about the MMP, the WaPo is running the risk of lowering their credibility even further.


Mr Dawes,

I assure you that "La Raza" is not trying to take over this country that "our" illegal-immigrant ancestors took away from the Native Americans.

We already begin to appear in history books as evil european invaders. Sadly enough, our children already see that.


freedom of speech, freedom of the press.

take your white hoods off and get over it.

MM, go home to your sisters.

Unfortunately for the WP, these Minutemen are "home". Mr Taplin lives in the neighborhood where the day laborer site is being proposed. Yet another example of "saints elsewhere" - editorial writers at the WP want to be "saints", championing the "rights" of illegal aliens, but to be "elsewhere" - like in their protected neighborhoods where they would NEVER allow a day laborer site to be set up - when the downside of their good works crops up.

This country has gone around the bend, the fact is most people in places of power want the mexican people here to replace us all who live here and that is that, if people don't take up arms you will just disappear into the history book's as evil European Invaders, and remember what la raza said "not to long ago", "Mexico and its people have one million guns to free our land", how much longer before the call to arms will happen, and what do you think will happen to you? with a government controlled by political foreigen intersts, ask what will happen to your kids and your life, the enemy of freedom is the guy who stands around doing nothing.