Cynthia McKinney won't discuss own bill about possible government involvement in Tupac murder

Whew! That title is so good, you almost don't need to read the report.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney, (D-GA, representin' da K Street Rollin' Legislators) has apparently authored a bill:
McKinney's bill would have the National Archives collect "all government records on the life and death" of Shakur, which her bill says "should be preserved for historical and governmental purposes."
But, why?
Approached outside her congressional office on Wednesday, McKinney refused to comment to a reporter about her own bill _ a Washington rarity.

She appeared surprised by the question and asked a reporter if it was his "modus operandi" to catch lawmakers in the halls of their office buildings _ it's a common practice on Capitol Hill.

Before walking away she referred questions about the bill to her staff.
More wild theories suggest links to the John F. Kennedy assassination _ or that Shakur is still alive.

And several have pointed to possible government links.

Does McKinney suspect the feds were in on it?

Reached by the Sun, McKinney aide John Judge said he could not say if his boss believes the government played a role in the slaying.

But Judge said there was extensive government surveillance of Shakur. Judge mused that if there was not direct government involvement, perhaps indirect involvement could have triggered the murder _ or perhaps the surveillance officers could be guilty of not acting to thwart the killing...


Google John Judge -- is it the same guy?