CSM: "Deep roots of Paris riots"

The CSM promises to get to the root of the matter, but instead let's look at the only people they interviewed:
..."Frankly I am not surprised by what is happening," says Dounia Bouzar, an expert on French-born Muslims who has worked in the mostly black and North African districts on the outskirts of Paris. "Given the way these kids live, I wonder why it doesn't happen more often."

..."Working class suburbs have become ethnic ghettos," says Marc Cheb Sun, who edits "Respect," a magazine aimed mostly at young black and North African readers. "That is the origin of the problem."

...Jean-Francois Amadieu, a university professor who founded the "Discrimination Observatory" [conducted a study showing discrimination against suburb-dwellers/North Africans]

...Michele Lereste, who runs the "Green Light" social-work agency in Villetaneuse, just North of Paris, where the projects are almost entirely inhabited by immigrant-descended families, [complains that] government funding cuts have closed a number of job-training institutes, "and we are finding it harder and harder to get employers to take apprentices from our district."

...TaAZb Ben Thabet, who has been a social worker in the projects north of Paris for 35 years...
I think it's safe to say all those people are "liberals". And, the article doesn't go into the real root of the problem: massive immigration.

If France had not imported these immigrants they wouldn't have this problem now. If there were fewer, there would be less of a problem. If there were more, there would be more of a problem. Obviously, they need to stop the flow and perhaps even quietly, safely try to get as many as possible to go home. I'm sure that a fair percentage of those who live in the suburbs are illegal immigrants, so they may not have a right to be there in the first place.

They need to make sure that those who remain assimilate, and they also need to change their system to accomodate them. But, when doing that they need to fight against the "liberal" impulses of people like the social workers above.

And, once again, none of this would be necessary if they hadn't embarked on this foolish course in the first place. Don't invite people to live in your country unless you're absolutely sure that they're going to play by your country's rules.


Why doesn't an important story like this get the kind of response from the leftwing moonbats that an attack on their hero Michael Moore does?

John S. Bolton is right on the money!

The massive race immigrtion to white nation states around the world will never stop until people of good will see it for what it is.
think of this, why can't mexico be a good place to live? because of its one rule government can't you see that?
Our government states all the time that people from mexico work hard and whites and blacks are low life workers that want to be paid for working 12 hours a day!..get my point why the flow will never stop until you take up arms? and make a move on washington. By the way if you don't forget any kind of real future for your kids.

Many in those projects are refugees or otherwise there merely on sufferance, many more are criminals who could be rehoused in prisons. Empty the worst of those complexes out by sufficient imprisonments and deportations, and demolish them. Appeasement will only worsen the problems. America tried quotas, and our crime rates went up and up, til we started building enough prisons, and let enough aids cases die, and deported tens of thousands of prisoners a year far outside the country.