Florida to mandate bilingualism

From Bill Mandates Youngsters Learn Spanish: From The Tampa Tribune:
All Florida students in kindergarten through second grade would get mandatory Spanish lessons starting in 2007 under a new bill filed by state Sen. Les Miller, D-Tampa.

"More and more of our young people need to learn a second language," said Miller, the Senate minority leader. "We just thought that this was a good start for these young people."

Some people like the idea but wonder about its practicality...
The article does not provide a quote from anyone expressing doubts about the concept. Let's put the Tampa Tribune on the list of papers with little credibility.


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While it would be nice, even commendable, if Americans took the study of foreign languages more seriously, including and especially by encouraging their children in it, trying to make it law that all children study one particular language, no matter how pragmatic that choice of language would seem to be, is wrongheaded, to say the least.

I would be very surprised if this nonsense goes anywhere.

This is probably intended as a provocation to set ethnic groups into greater conflict. In spite of that, there is at least the implicit recognition that language diversity is not valuable. Having already got the latinos down to less than half the 'average family income per person' of the majority, by appeasing their unassimilability, why not tell them that everyone else will have to learn their language? The manifest evil of it, though, is that it will increase the aggression on the net taxpayer.