"In-State Tuition Benefits for Illegals Stir Controversy"

From this:
Brigette Brennan feels pretty well educated after more than four years at the University of Kansas - but there's something she can't understand.

She doesn't understand why Kansas won't grant her the same in-state tuition status that it happily bestows on illegal immigrants.

In other words, why is she - a U.S. citizen, a Kansas high school graduate and a four-year resident of Kansas - paying more for her college education than those who aren't legally supposed to be in the U.S. in the first place?

Surprisingly, Brennan's experience is fairly common. Indeed, state colleges and universities in nine states openly provide in-state college tuition benefits to illegals that they do not offer to U.S. residents. Defenders of U.S. students' rights to receive equal tuition rates in their own country say such policies are flatly illegal...
The article goes on with more information on the legal aspects, including the Washington Legal Foundation's attempts to get the DHS to follow the law.

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With college costs continuing the climb, the
only way a lot of American children can go to college in by going in state and paying in-state tuition prices at states colleges and universitites. The DREAM Act and all the other states that are providing in-state tuition college costs to the children of illegal immigrants are saying that these children should not be blamed for their parent bringing them into the U.S. illegally. While this is true, they and the people who are pushing the DREAM Act and other provisions like it seem to forget another innocent victim that will suffer if the DREAM Act comes to pass. Remember the in-state college slots at colleges are not infinite, they are only a certain number being offered. For every in-state college tuition slot that a child of an illegal immigrants gets, the American child will lose. Remember the American child is not responsible for the illegal immigrant bringing their children to this country illegally either. Yet they are the ones who will pay the price if the DREAM act passes. The Dreams of America's chidren are important too!

And I point out once again - as I always do when this subject appears - any state that grants in-state tuition to illegal immigrants over US citizens from other states is subsidizing the college education of people who cannot be legally employed anywhere in the US. What is on their minds?

Read what The Great Sam Francis who died some months ago said about this at VDARE. If our government was working with or for Bin Laden it could not do a better job of dismantling this country.
But also remember if you let it happen you have it coming, but also remember its your kids who will live inside a third world America! or mex-a-merica. its all about the new ideals of the mass slave state, and your kids will become just that.