Another dirty trick by the anti-Proposition 77 forces

Those opposed to Proposition 77 (the redistricting initiative) have sent out a mailer to California Republicans marked on the outside with "Jury Duty" in big print and "Is good citizenship" below that in small print. Thus causing a larger-than-normal percentage of people to read what's inside, which turns out to be a misleading, anti-Prop 77 screed.

More on that here, and note that it's not known who perpetrated this. There's a picture of the envelope and other examples of dirty tricks here.


That address apparently belongs to this:

However, they appear to be just a company that does accounting and such for political campaigns.

It wouldn't be hard for the blogging community to figure out who sent this. First step is for someone to go in person to 601 S. Glenoaks Blvd #211 Burbank, CA and see who's there. Chances are it's a Mail Boxes Etc. or something similar.