Kobach gets support in fight for Citizens Rights

Law professor Kris Kobach sued Kansas on behalf of several American students who paid full price for college educations that some illegal aliens were able to get at a discount. A district court judge threw it out, saying those students didn't have standing to sue, and Kobach is appealing.

Now, he's gotten some "heavyweight" help from the Mountain States Legal Foundation and the Washington Legal Foundation. Former Senator Allen K. Simpson and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) are involved as well. And:

WLF backed FAIR's claim that Kansas has denied the students' constitutional right to equal protection of the laws, and pointed out that DHS has refused to respond to two administrative complaints filed by WLF in New York and Texas, asking the Bush Administration to enforce the 1996 law.

Note the title of this post, because that's what this boils down to. Everyone should be concerned that the government wants to give illegal aliens a better deal than citizens.

UPDATE: There's more on this case here.


The fact is Equal rights mean nothing to guys like Bush, so why "ARE OUR GUYS", FIGHTING IN IRAQ? Its called one world ideals for the rich to use anything that will help in the full dismantling of USA, So what can you do? the government cares nothing about what you think or do!.."think, act, and remove this insane government. if you don't act to remove it, the evil rats will remove you at some point.

make this your country once more!
not a one world idea of hell.

fight it or die in it inside a camp system, it will come down to just that, see aztlan plans inside the educational institution.

oh yes, also check out political leaders and votes, about race and schools and what the public wants and what power people are using ethnic groups against the rights of all people.

( congressmen of different ethnicities vote significantly differently on immigration, in other words mexicans vote for mexico inside your government how funny you don't see a rat inside the evil lie, we call our government)

See: majority.rights.com

its not a nation of laws its a non nation with no laws but the ideals of P.C. And big money being used against you; for the evil of the one world.