When race-baiting goes awry

ABC is broadcasting some shows with an additional Spanish-language audio track available through the SAP channel. That's caused some people to complain, and, of course, professional Hispanics have a response. A column by one Roger Hernandez displays some of the anti- response in order to make a point. Of course, trying to use a few quotes in order to portray all opponents in a bad light is fallacious reasoning, but it's all Hernandez has at his disposal:

"There's nothing like aiding and abetting the detioration (sic) of American civialization (sic) than promoting a freakin' (sic) prime-time foreign language," wrote one poster at right-wing cyber-rag FreeRepublic.com, in a language with a grammatical structure and spelling system not entirely the same as English's.

Those wacky FReepers. Or, actually, one FReeper who can't spel that gud.

Said someone else at Drudge Report: "Speak english (sic) or sink to the bottom. Tolerance has gotten us into the mess we are in - it will take big dose of intolerance to get us out."

Now, here's where it begins to go awry, as you no doubt have figured out already. As you know, Brother Matt does not have a forum or comments. In fact, our fallacious reasoner is referring to this thread at the Drudge Retort. Has he been reading drudge.com all this time, thinking that it was that Drudge Report he'd heard about?

One consistent theme revealed the influence of the My-Ancestors-Learned-Why-Don't-Yours school of American history. "When my parents came to this country, they expected to learn English. They expected me to learn English. They didn't expect people to print government forms, building signs, etc. in Yiddish." Wonder what that descendant of Yiddish-speakers thinks of an ideological ally in the same forum who had the following succinct explanation for the evil of Spanish on American TV: "ABC OWNED BY JEWS. End of story!"

Oddly enough, I was unable to find that comment on that Drudge Retort page. The only thing I found through google was this from 7/29/05:

ABC owned by Jews, just like everything TV. End of Story.

Gosh, that's odd.