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Ron Paul "busts Bush police state"

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) appeared on a radio show (OK, it was Alex Jones' radio show, but let's conveniently forget that bit), and according to this he said, among others, the following:
-Upcoming indictments of Bush administration officials will be far more damaging than most have expected.

-The Bush administration is attempting an end run around the Constitution by creating a militarized police state to take effect in the event of an avian flu pandemic – one that would include gun confiscation and ultimately martial law.

-The administration's aggressive posture toward Iran, Syria, North Korea and China is "delusional."
As for the first, we can only hope. As for the last, I haven't really been following that that closely, but Bush might have caused NK to back down, or they might just be playing with us. As for the middle, I wouldn't go quite that far. But, I'd come close.

Politics · Thu, 10/13/2005 - 04:53 · Importance: 4