Memo to Congress: Exercise Authority Over U.S. Citizenship

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U.S. Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind., presided at a House hearing last week entitled "Birthright Citizenship, Dual Citizenship and the Meaning of Sovereignty." It's unfortunate that this important subject received little media coverage.

The statistics are shocking. At least 383,000 babies are born in the United States every year to illegal immigrants; that's 10 percent of all U.S. births and about 40 percent of indigent births.

The cost to U.S. taxpayers is tremendous because all those babies, called anchor babies, claim birthright citizenship. Their mothers and other relatives then sign up for a vast stream of taxpayer benefits...


"There needs to be..."

What there needs to be is a sensible re-interpretation of the 14th Amendment, which is cited now as the reason anyone born within the border, no matter what else, is automatically a citizen. Why doesn't this sensible re-interpretation happen? Historically, probably because the problem of obviously non-Americans being anointed as Americans in this way was numerically small. And today? Why not today, when the arguments against continuing this way are so strong, when compared to the arguments put forth by those who favor the status quo? To me it is obvious: paralysis created by politically correct racial sensitivity. The US is (still, but only for a few generations more, the way things are going) a majority white nation, with a well-publicized history of 'discrimination', and the large number of people that would be affected by such a change are non-white. And for this reason, the political elite does not have the stomach to take this issue straight on.

This is why it is a mistake to concentrate solely on economic and other (social) arguments: the fear of appearing racially incorrect, politically, this fear of being called names like 'racist' and 'xenophobe', is very powerful, and it will take time for a good majority of whites in America to overcome it enough to have the guts to speak out more forcefully for the change.

Until this happens, the demographic makeover of America via Hispanic immigration, legal and illegal, people who are far less likely to attend college (even after several generations) and a good deal more likely to be criminals than the native white population, will remain inevitable.

There needs to be ever greater restriction of the government's power to devaluate our citizenship. America has been resistant to dictatorship so far; that is why offcials scheme to import irreconcilable conflicts.

Memo: From Fred.

Congress the real enemy of our national ideals and of our freedoms, Who Setup Bin Laden? who is helping with the dismantling of out nation who wants open borders? who is helping Red China? and who will help you when it hits the fan? buy guns you will need many in this one world idea.

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