Petition: build a fence along the Mexican border

The site has a petition urging the creation of a 2000 mile fence along the Mexican border. They envision more of a barrier zone, consisting of two chain link fences and an interior road for patrol vehicles. Cameras and similar devices would monitor intrusions. One or two hundred entry points would be provided along the length of the fence. The cost would be four to eight billion.


Lee Plank, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Diamond Manufacturing Company in Wyoming, Pa., says his company has not been approached about border security fences, but, he said, they would be a good idea. "I think they'd have to be about 10 feet high," he told WND, and would cost "about $636,000 a mile" to build. That's about $1.27 billion for 2,000 miles of border fence, similar to the government's figures.

You need a buffer zone for patrols and also to provide a backup in case the first fence is breached, so they'd need to double those figures or construct a second fence out of wire.


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I am fed up with both parties for not securing our southern and northern borders after 9-11. I am against any kind of amesty programs as we tried this during the Reagan administration. We need to get tough and stop illegal immigration first, then we can look at a guessed workers program if needed later.

"10 feet high"

This seems too low.

In any case, I don't want to see a fence.