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"How does it feel to be a black guy that can swim?"

Here's an essay on "liberal" hypocrisy:
...The cover of last March's Sports Illustrated on Campus featured a picture of Eastern Michigan basketball player Henry Bekkering with a caption that read, "How does it feel to be a white guy with hops?"

...And what else would you expect? Everyone knows white kids can't play.

But imagine if the cover had featured something equally as stereotypical about another race.

What if MAAC Diver of the Year Chris Coles were featured on the cover with the caption, "How does it feel to be a black guy that can swim?"

Or Dallas Cowboys linebacker Dat Nguyen asking, "How does it feel to be a yellow guy that can tackle?"

Or what if PGA star Vijay Singh were on the cover and the caption read, "How does it feel to be a red guy that can drive a golf ball 300 yards?"

After his mandatory racial-sensitivity training course, the editor of the magazine would be looking for a new job tomorrow.

But it's all fun and games as long as it's white guys we are talking about.

Sometimes, the blind eye we turn to racist comments about white people isn't quite so innocent, however...

MultiCultiCult · Wed, 10/12/2005 - 14:10 · Importance: 1