Jorge Arbusto has a new site

From "Chairman Mehlman Unveils New Spanish Language Web Site":
Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Ken Mehlman today unveiled the national committee's new Spanish language Web site as part of a continued effort to communicate the President's and Republican Party's message to all Americans. GOP en Espanol is another mechanism that encourages more Latinos to get involved, expands the party's reach, and attracts new Hispanic faces and voices... "As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I think it is important to share our optimistic and results-oriented agenda. Today, we have record numbers of Latino small business owners, achieved historic home ownership rates among Hispanic Americans, and closed the achievement gap in the classroom. But we must continue to work hard and encourage participation, GOP en Espanol is another way for us to do that," concluded Mehlman.


Say, when is Anglo Heritage month? I must have missed that one.