Phil Hendrie's blog meets predestined fate

As previously reported, slightly well-known radio personality Phil Hendrie had a blog at Checking recently, I see that it's disappeared and been replaced with the NetSol Coming Soon page. I don't know exactly what happened to it, but perhaps he realized that the domain name did not reflect the truth in this or any alternate dimension and pulled it.

As I also noted, someone else registered the very similar name

Now, I note that the latter name is being auctioned off at, for the amazingly low opening bid of just $500. However, for that same price, you could bid on fifty names like A much better bargain and more reflective of the truth. To give you some perspective, someone wants $1000 for and $8500 for starts at $5000.


2004 was a pivotal election year in which both sides, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, put it all out on the line -- winner take all and let America speak. Well, both sides did well in promoting their respective messages and spent tons of cash to do it. Who won? To whom did America turn? Well, "W" was re-elected and the Republicans added to their majorities in Congress. Now, if you liberals still think Bush is an "idiot," then what does that make YOU for losing to someone who is ostensibly as dumb as you claim?

Robert Moore