Jim Gilchrist, John Campbell to face in 48th District runoff

The results of the 48th District election are in, and Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist will face off against Bush Republican John Campbell in a December runoff.

Gilchrist got 14%, and Campbell got 46%. Note that "moderate Republican" Marilyn Brewer got 17%, just slightly more than Gilchrist. The latter will probably get more in the runoff, and even if he doesn't win it will send a loud message to the PTB.


You may have heard that Dreier is starting his re-election campaign early. His major issue: illegal immigration (remember to put vocal emphasis on the word "illegal," just like he did in the sound bite).

Campbell will probably win, but the bigger question is what kind of Republican will he be when he gets to DC? Are we looking at another David Dreier?


That's a lot more than I thought he would get.