Mexicans demand citizenship rights... in Aurora, Illinois

"Nearly" one thousand people - many or most of them illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries - marched through Aurora IL demanding that House Speaker Dennis Hastert support the Kennedy-McCain massive amnesty scheme. The march was organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. See the link for more information on that organization. They're also supporters of the AgJobs amnesty.

Maybe we should give them what they want. And, let's bring in several million more illegal aliens and give them citizenship too.

Of course, all those new voters might have... different ideas about things. In fact, they might end up supporting politicians who are even further left than people like Gil Cedillo or Fabian Nunez. And, those far-left politicians might pass even more restrictions on businesses, like banks. In fact, maybe someone close to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez might be elected and start on some kind of "land reform", American style...

Gosh, do you think those business leaders and the "conservative" politicians that they pay off would find those events a little discomforting?

Along the same lines, see "Will illegal aliens get voting rights because of corrupt Republicans?"


How many of those 100,000 were guilty of drug crimes or other felonies? For the most part you really have to be a badass piece of shit to get the attention of ICE. That 100,000 is a pretty insignificant number when you consider that the foreign-born population is estimated at 33 million(2002) and the illegal alien population is estimated at between 12 and 20 million. Recall that even "green card" holders are subject to deportation if they are convicted of major crimes. Some of the foreign-born are naturalized citizens but most are not.

Tell the 100,000+ people who got deported last year that there is no interior enforcement.

Maricon(AKA Slim) does not understand the word "effectively". When there is no interior enforcement illegals are home free once tney get past the border. Also the nitwit has missed the numerous references to the increasing use of matricula consular that give illegals access to the financial system including home loans. In case lightning strikes and they actually get deported they can be back in a few days due to the Bush-Fox policy of open borders.These people are so intimidated they stream into emergency rooms and welfare offices for medical assistance and noisily demonstrate for their "rights" from one end of the country to the other. All the maricon proves is the leftist gift for lying and denial of reality.

"They already effectively have all those rights,or haven't you being paying attention?"

It's obvious that perro hasn't been paying attention if he believes that illegal aliens have the right to reside and work in the US. What a dunce.

They already effectively have all those rights,or haven't you being paying attention? Interior enforcement is just slightly above zero.And why did Kennedy-McCain include all the citizenship crap if nobody wants it? Probably becuase with citizenship you can never be deported for anything Haven't you noticed who is President of the US(a man who gives the impression of being Vince Fox's gay lover)? Haven't you noticed the strength of the cheap labor lobby and the vile race-hustlers that they sponsor? But you do have a point in one way:the only real value of US citizenship is the passport-not voting for the politicians who are (almost to a man or woman) working to destroy the US as a sovereign country and remake it (I think the process is almost complete) as the seat of an economic-military empire sustained by moronic flag-waving and military adventurism.

O that's rich, perro. Just because after several years one might be able to apply for naturalization, then THAT is what they are requesting. Yeah, right. It's not the right to live in the US. That can't be it. It can't be the right to work. Nooooo. It can't be the right to walk down the street without fear of being deported. That can't be it. Why would anyone want that? It must be citizenship rights - the right to vote for one of a number of politicians none of which are very appealing. Yeah, that's what they want.

Where's John Stossel when you need him?

The Kennedy-McCain Bill offers a route to permanent residence. After five years of permanent residence status you can apply for citizenship. Is that hard to follow, Slim?
The Kennedy-McCain proposal seeks to implement "earned legalization," in which unauthorized migrants would

* apply for an H-5B visa, which would be valid for three years and renewable once.
* demonstrate that they had been working without authorization in the United States on May 12, 2005; paid taxes; and had satisfactorily completed a criminal and security background check. They would also need to be studying English, as well as US civics and history, at the time of application.
* be assessed a $1,000 penalty and would have to pay application fees.
* adjust to legal permanent resident status after holding an H-5B visa for six years and paying a second $1,000 fine.
That second point that begins with "demonstrate" is certainly a lot of unenforceable BS(including that "background check" that will be unable to uncover any activities outside the US) to fool the suckers; the 1986 amnesty was rife was fraud and this mess would be as well.

FYI: the McCain Kennedy bill isn't about citizenship rights.